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This just in: Comfortable in our own skin

Image by Ilya

Image by Ilya

“I am obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her own skin.” ~Sandra Cisnero

There is something to be said for rising up, confident in who we are and what we believe in despite the opinions of others. Washington is a town of conviction. It’s also a place where people are tightly wound and a bit too conscious of The Rules. A lot of people here aren’t comfortable in their own skin. They barely know what that concept means. They are busy striving to be someone other than who they are.

But that’s changing. There are growing pockets of people gathering with the purpose of breaking molds and embracing authenticity. It’s one reason I love my gritty neighborhood so much. There are people here who care more about heart and less about appearance, who value people over possessions. This is me and these are my people. I’m finding them at work and Meetups, in art classes, museums, and cafes, on the metro and the streets of the neighborhoods where I spend many hours wandering.

And if I do nothing else in my time here, I hope I can help more people find out who they really are, what they care about, and why we all matter.

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