Interview on Megyn Kelly TODAY about my personal finance writing and professional experience in the psychology of retail store design.

My book, Emerson Page and Where the Light Enters, be published on November 1, 2017 by Thumbkin Prints. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon in paperback and ebook formats. You can sign up for giveaways and updates at https://goo.gl/forms/GwZKMm8gR3zhFVGJ2.

My young adult novel, Emerson Page and Where the Light Enters, will be published by Thumbkin Prints, an imprint of Possibilities Publishing Co. on November 1, 2017.

Hope in Progress: 27 Entrepreneurs Who Inspired Me During the Great Recession is my free ebook that is a compilation of interviews I did with business leaders during the 2008-2010 recession. They include Alex Lee (OXO), Michael Dorf (City Winery), Jerri Chou (All Day Buffet), Scott Belsky (Behance—later acquired by Adobe), and Adam Rich (Thrillist).

Stage play production in New York City:
Sing After Storms

Science writing:
In Times of Scarcity, Be an Emperor Penguin
What An Organization Can Learn from Honey Bees About Organizational Efficiency
Health pieces for The Washington Post:
The gift of a stroke
At Sentara, people are the priority
Stemless shoulder replacement gives renewed hope to active people managing arthritis
Metabolic surgery paves the way to health and happiness for a mother of five
Sentara’s Innovative Cancer Treatment Saves Weeks of Treatment Time
The Sentara Stroke Team Generates a Miracle Recovery
Sentara’s new surgery center elevates patient care to new heights
A Woman’s Heart Matters
Prince George’s Hospital Center is here for your heart’s health
Treehouse Eyes is innovating eye care for children
A Backstage View of Weight Loss Surgery at Sentara

The Sharing Economy (Magazine Feature)
The Maker Movement (Magazine Feature)
Serial Addiction: Creators of This American Life Bring New Life to Radio Drama (Magazine Feature)
Belize Gets the Hollywood Treatment: Leonardo DiCaprio Wants More Than an Oscar. He Wants to Save the World. (Magazine Feature)
Ten Years In, YouTube is Still Going Strong (Magazine Feature)
Our story is our choice
The Art of Collaboration: Inside the New York Theatre Workshop
The American Museum of Natural History Shows Us That We Are Indeed What We Eat
Matilda the Triumphant
Museum of Mathematics Makes It Possible for Kids and Adults to Play with Numbers

Using optimism to face an impossible assignment
The Economic Implications of the Iran Nuclear Deal (also syndicated by AOL DailyFinance)
How to Make a Viral Video: Dove Beauty Sketches

5 Ways to Totally Change a Room for Under $50
Phineas’s adoption story
9 Techniques That Can Help You Conquer Any Fear
How to Stop Being Afraid and Live Your Dreams
Y-O-G-A Spells Stress Relief

Weekly Trend: Startups Using Curation to Transform Education
STEM Challenge: Seeking the Future
Build It and They Will Learn: How the Design of a School Impacts Learning
A Day at the Museum: The National STEM Video Game Challenge Launches with a Series of Workshops That Teach Kids to Make Video Games

5 Awesome Staycations You Should Take Before Winter Ends
Science Proves It: You NEED to Take a Vacation

5 Amazing Online Cooking Shows that Teach You All the Skills You Need
Drink Your Tea: Types, Health Benefits, and How to Brew a Perfect Cup
10 Ways to Get Strong Bones Without Eating Dairy
Should You Eat Like a Caveman: Pros and Cons of the Paleo Diet
7 Surprising Cooking Hacks that Save Time

Personal finance:
How to Spend Less on Everything in 2014
How to Balance Saving for Retirement, Emergency Fund, and Paying Off Debt
8 Ways to Improve Your Career, Get Ahead, and Become Upwardly Mobile
Personal Finance Lessons from the Yoga Mat
Do This One Thing to Defeat Out-of-Control Spending Everyday

Lead Copywriter for Sony’s rGENERATOR website
Lead Copywriter for Jobpods
Lead Copywriter for Body Studies
Copywriter for National STEM Challenge

Director of short film for the National STEM Video Game Challenge
Wrote, directed, and performed voiceover for healthcare product video

Playwright, director, producer of Sing After Storms

Workshops / presentations:
Breaking Bread Podcast

One Fine Yogi – guided meditations on Soundcloud

Avon Corporate Headquarters Diversity Events 
Finding the OM in Everything: 8 Days in India

NYU ITP Graduate Program
Taming the Monkey Mind: Yoga and Creative Focus

GLOC: Gorgeous Ladies of Comedy
Meditation for Performers

West Harlem Art Fund
Yoga and the Creation of Community

SXSW 2011 and 2012
Taming the Monkey Mind – Yoga and Creative Focus

Jericho Project
Benefits of yoga and meditation for men over the age of 50

Hunter College
Social media and popular elections – Slideshare

Interviews about my work:
What’s Next videocast: Washington D.C. Innovation in Society
I talk about entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology startups in D.C.

Relate: a resource for people who serve people
I talk about creativity and business

American Public Media
I talk about my favorite Christmas song and the importance of gratitude

Lit to Lens podcast
I talk about my novel, Where the Light Enters, and YA literature

Wall Street Journal
Social media and the rise in popularity of economics blogs during the 2008 / 2009 recession

Huffington Post
Bringing Yoga to Public Libraries

Bundle.com with Kate Ashford: “Pay Down Debt in a Hurry”
Importance of having a financial plan and paying off debt quickly

Compass Yoga: Bringing Free Yoga to Those in Need

New Learning Times
National STEM Video Game Challenge

More than just play: game-based learning environments are powerful tools for STEM

Moving with Grace
Writing, Yoga, and the Creative Habit

Manduka Yoga’s Yogi of the Week
My personal yoga journey and the founding of my nonprofit, Compass Yoga.

LinkedIn iDEA UVA’s Innovators, Designers & Entrepreneurs in Action
Entrepreneurship, innovation, and idea generation

The Digital Shift
STEM Video Game Challenge Encourages Librarians to Mentor Students

YogaCity NYC
Yoga, meditation, and wellness as a catalyst for change in the healthcare system

YogaCity NYC
Feature on my yoga teaching and the mission of Compass Yoga, my NYC-based nonprofit that provides yoga and wellness programming to people with mental and physical health challenges.

Screen Gabber
Social media during the 2008 BlogHer conference in New York City

Creative Liberty

Part of the In the Studio… series. On the subject of creative habits and how to recharge our creative batteries when they’re running low


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