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Leap: Giving and Receiving

13721973834777679_QnmqYJYl_bThere’s something to be said for giving without asking for anything in return. Give time, love, kindness, empathy. Give it away to people who need it and ask for it. Give it away to people who need it, even though they’re too proud to ask for it.

I’ve never regretted giving. Even if it didn’t come back to me in the way I expected or hoped or wanted it to. I have found that in some way everything I’ve ever given has been returned to me many times over.

I’ve been sorry for times when I didn’t give enough, or when I didn’t give at all. I often think about those times and wish I could go back and do more. But since there’s no changing the past, I double down on my giving today and tomorrow. That lesson has been its own gift.

I know this much is true: the more I give, the more I receive. The more I give, the more I believe in the power of goodness. The more I give, the more I realize that we have the opportunity every day to make this world a little brighter, a little better, a little more like a world we’re proud to call home.