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Leap: You Don’t Need the Destination, Just the Next Step

From Pinterest
From Pinterest

As I was scrolling through Pinterest yesterday in search of an image for another piece I’m writing, I came across this image of a small boy making his way up a seemingly endless staircase. He’s determined – knees lifted, arms pumping, no sign of slowing down.

How many times do we stop mid-step in our journey to gaze up at just how far we have to go? Our nerves get the best of us. We wonder if we can really make it to the top. Maybe we should just turn around now, save the effort and the energy. Is the rest of the climb really worth it, especially if we don’t know what the world will look like from way up there in the great beyond? Isn’t this spot where we are right now good enough?

Maybe, but personally I like to know my options. I want to see the world from way up high, knowing that I can always stroll back down if I want to. I’m too curious to give up the climb; too in love with the journey itself to turn away from possibility.

Don’t let the height of that staircase, nor the effort it requires, keep you from going further. Don’t think about the top; just think about the next step. One by one, take them in stride, and enjoy the experience that each one offers.