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Leap: Make Time

195554808789821076_y3q5gDwm_b“You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.” ~ Charles Buxton, British brewer, philanthropist, writer and legislator

Now that I’m on the downside of an intense freelance assignment that helped me cover all of my living expenses with consulting work within 6 months of going on my own, I’ve given myself an additional 6 months to make a go of this freelance life. The first 6 months was about simply proving that I could make ends meet out on my own. The next 6 months will take on a more strategic approach.

I’ve been thinking a lot about bigger life goals for this next 6 months rather than short-term skills I’d like to enhance or short-term experiences I’d like to gain. For example, I have a few writing projects floating around in my mind. Some of them are close to 15 years old. As I went to my yoga class yesterday, I began thinking about them and my initial reaction was “if only I had the space in my mind and in my calendar to work on them.” That thought stopped me in my tracks. If I don’t have the time to pursue them now, when I have maximum flexibility with my schedule, then when am I going to pursue them?

On the subway to yoga, this quote by Charles Buxton flew into my inbox. Alright Universe, I hear you. Thanks for the reminder – we are capable of making all the time we need to do the things we really want to do.