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Leap: Go In Over Your Head

168603579769165347_Y4cGRoqi_cThere is no reason to shrink from opportunity. Too often when we are faced with unfamiliar and uncomfortable challenges, we hang our heads low with self-doubt. We second guess our abilities and our judgement. We worry that we may not be up to the task at hand.

My advice is to chuck that attitude out the window. Immediately. Right now. You will gain nothing by turning away and you will lose so much in the process – new skills, new contacts, growth, strength, resilience, and the opportunities that will unfold as a result of taking this new and uncertain path.

If you truly don’t want the opportunity, then I advise running in the other direction as fast as possible. There is no point in wasting precious time doing something you don’t care to do. But don’t run away out of fear. Don’t turn your back because that pesky voice of self-doubt says you aren’t good enough, smart enough, experienced enough, nor capable enough to pull this off. That pesky voice knows nothing.

You are enough, and then some.