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In the pause: The number one beauty secret

“The secret to beauty is simple: ‘Be who you are.'” ~Bobbi Brown

This week I’ve been laser-focused on projects that light me up. I’m following my passions and curiosity in many directions. People keep saying to me, “Christa, you sound great. You look great. What’s going on with you?” Friends, it’s about happiness and empowerment. It’s about confidently standing in our own light and allowing ourselves to really be seen and heard. Now is always the time to be exactly, completely, authentically, and unapologetically who we are.

Wonder: The Booth of Encouragement

Remember yesterday when I told you that you could do anything? Well, I’m cooking up a way to help you out.

In my efforts to increase the amount of time I pause and connect in the real world in the coming year, I’m thinking of setting up a Booth of Encouragement a la Lucy from the Peanuts Gang. I’ve long been inspired by Lucy matter-of-fact advice. Come on in, have a piece of homemade bread (yes, I bake bread), a warm beverage, and give Phineas a pat on the head (because a snuggle from a dachshund seriously makes everything better.) For a nickel that gets donated to charity, you tell me what you’d like to do that you think you can’t do and I’ll provide encouragement and any assistance I have to help make it possible. What if I set up something like this in your city?  Would you swing by?

It’s a crazy idea, right? But I want to give it a try. If it’s going to provide encouragement and support to even one person, it’s worth a shot. I’m going to reach out to a few people who might be able to help me do a small, live test of the idea. If you have ideas, please let me know. The world needs more encouragement and I’m prepared to give it; let’s do this.

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