Beautiful: There is Power in Hoping for and Expecting the Best Outcome

Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop? Does the dream of your life seem within reach and yet you are certain something will swoop in and snatch it from you? I was like that, too. And then my friend, Bobby, helped me see that I was selling myself short.

I was recounting my philosophy that I always hope for the best and expect the worst. For 36 years, this worked responsibly well. Or at least it kept me alive. Bobby responded, “Christy (he is the only one who calls me that), how about you hope for and expect the best? If it doesn’t go that way, then you just trust that you’re smart enough and strong enough to figure out what to do next.”

In that moment I was certain that Bobby was channeling the greater Universe and delivering the wisest life philosophy I’d ever heard. And with that, I packed up that nagging voice of self-doubt in the back of my mind and sent it to the far reaches of the Earth, never to be heard from again. Life is sweeter without it.