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Beautiful: Leaving Home to Find Home

Home is such a complex word. At its simplest, it is some sort of structure that protects those who live within it. But there is so much more to it. Home is a feeling, a place where we are most comfortable, where we can truly be who we are without putting on airs and without shrinking away from our essence. It is a place where we can dream.

Today I am trading one home for another, letting go of a structure that has helped to protect me while I have gone about building a new life over the last 3 and a half years. It has been good to me. It has kept me safe. It has been a teacher to me. It has renewed my faith that from tough circumstances, beautiful things can and do arise if we keep at this game of life. As long as we don’t give up, a home will incubate the very best that is within us until we are ready to take that goodness someplace new.

Now I am ready to do just that.