Joy today: Enduring winter

Photo taken by Christa Avampato of Honschar’s street art on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Please include this attribution when using.

Dear ones, on freeeeezing days like today (windchill in NYC was 4 degrees this morning!) I make some hot beverages, hunker down at home, and engage in creative work as I dream of spring. How do you endure? (H/t Honschar for his inspiring street art.)




I’m happily snowed into my adorable, cozy apartment this weekend. Plenty of delicious food, lots of creative projects brewing, and, of course, my sweet dog, Phineas. I’m lucky and I know it. Many are not. If you have a desire to get some exercise and help a neighbor manage through the blizzard this weekend and once it’s all over, check out You can volunteer to help dig out neighbors in your city and even right in your neighborhood. If you need help getting your sidewalk or steps shoveled, you can request help right on the site, too. Grab a shovel, lend a hand, and warm a heart. Let’s get through this together!

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