Wonder: Getting to work in Washington, D.C.

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Rock Creek Park, January 2016

My neighborhood is still buried in snow four days after the blizzard. The Federal government and school were closed on Tuesday, but my office was opened so off I went. The buses aren’t running and the metro had significant delays so I hoofed it. 2.5 miles over snowbanks and through the woods, across snow-packed streets, and through puddles of slush. It was fun, actually. The people I saw along the way (on the mostly deserted streets) smiled wide and said good morning. We stopped to let traffic go by and made bets about how long it would take for these snowbanks to melt. The view was worth it. I finally found a river I could skate away on, in Rock Creek Park. Joni Mitchell would be proud.



I’m happily snowed into my adorable, cozy apartment this weekend. Plenty of delicious food, lots of creative projects brewing, and, of course, my sweet dog, Phineas. I’m lucky and I know it. Many are not. If you have a desire to get some exercise and help a neighbor manage through the blizzard this weekend and once it’s all over, check out You can volunteer to help dig out neighbors in your city and even right in your neighborhood. If you need help getting your sidewalk or steps shoveled, you can request help right on the site, too. Grab a shovel, lend a hand, and warm a heart. Let’s get through this together!

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