Wonder: NoMa rising in Washington, D.C.

20160917_101005My neighborhood is being torn down and built back up at lightning speed. Within 2 blocks of my apartment there are no less than 8 new high-rise buildings.The construction cycle is now a 24/7 operation as builders scramble to get these spaces dug out and enclosed before the winter hits. At one point there was so much construction on my block that some builders had to get night permits for demolition because they couldn’t fit anymore equipment on the street.

In 3 years, maybe even less, this neighborhood will be unrecognizable compared to today. The physical space will look different. There will be many more people and businesses to serve them. A new sense of community seems to be forming though it still has a long way to go.

People in my building are losing their minds, complaining to my management company about the noise. I lived in New York City for many years so for me this is a bit par for the course. But I’ve never seen it up close to this extent. I go out onto my small balcony and I can literally see buildings rising up out of the ground. It’s fascinating and magical. It oddly, surprisingly, feels like home to be in the midst of so much change and organized chaos. It gives me hope.