Wonder: Be open to possibility

In the blink of an eye, things can change in ways we never expected. We fall in love with a friend, a neighborhood, a home, a city, a job, a pet. We find ourselves drawn to something that maybe we liked (or not) on the surface and then as we spend more time (sometimes by force) we find our outlook changes.

That’s what happened to me and my neighborhood. Even as little as a month ago I just wasn’t sure about the east side of the city. And then something even strange happened—I actually started to see the people and buildings around me with brand new eyes. I said hello to 23 people this morning: construction workers, neighbors, store managers, and even just people passing by. There was almost a lightness to it.

I was walking little Phineas, and he’s got a little trot that could make even the grumpiest person smile. Still I felt some kind of shift as I saw the new construction rising up and beginning to shape what this collection of buildings and streets will eventually look like.

Being open to possibility is a wonderful thing.