Wonder: A big thank you to the men who won’t condone Donald Trump’s comments about women

I have to admit that Donald Trump’s comments on Friday really upset me. What was more upsetting was to hear people in St. Louis cheering him on and laughing at his jokes. All day yesterday I felt upset about it, and then I started noticing something. So many of my male friends and men whom I admire made their perspectives loud and clear, in my conversations with them and all over social media: those comments are completely unacceptable and no, Mr. Trump, not all men talk that way. Not even close.

To the many men in this world who continue to speak out in support of women, I’m so grateful. I appreciate your candor, decency, and courage. It’s easy to hide behind the locker room talk excuse. You’re rising above it. Bravo! And please, for the sake of our entire nation, keep speaking your minds loud and clear well beyond election day. We need you.