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Beautiful: New York – California House Swap This Summer

This view would be just fine.
This view would be just fine.

I have always thought that if my family got off the boat and kept going west that I would have never left the state of California. I’ve almost moved there 3 times and this summer I’d like to give life on the left coast a try by doing a house swap. Location independence is one of the great benefits of a freelance life and I want to take full advantage of it. A beach, the ocean air, salt water, and plenty of sun will be good for my soul and a couple of writing projects I’d like to finish.

Know a Californian who might want a cute apartment in New York City for the summer? Send ’em my way!

5 thoughts on “Beautiful: New York – California House Swap This Summer”

  1. I have had an obsession with California myself! There’s just something about the lifestyle and warmth of that State that has kept me fascinated too. Would love to live there short-term at some point. Where in Cali would you like to do your house swap ? LA, San Diego, San Fran?


  2. I am looking for a swap in Manhattan this summer. For appoximately 2 months for my daughters internship. I have a large condo in Santa Monica, CA. Not on the beach but walking distance from it as well as all of Santa Monica’s sites and Venice Boardwalk too. I am on several home exchange sites and can send you a link to one with pictures if you are interested.


    1. Hi Collette- thanks so much for your message. I would love to talk to you about a swap. I will email you at the email address on your comment.


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