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Beautiful: How to Make a Big Decision

117586240240353310_hEhlWzB8_bHave a big decision to make and unsure which way to go? If you run the decision round and round in your mind, chances are you will talk yourself into and out of every choice. There’s a better way.

Make a choice. Commit to it and walk around living your life having made that decision. How does it feel? Does the choice change your outlook on life for the better? Does it make you cringe? Do you feel lighter or heavy with regret?

The mind can play tricks on us. We are very good at convincing ourselves of something. It plays the game of coulda, woulda, shoulda like a champ.

The body never lies. We can feel, physically feel, if a decision is right or wrong. We know it – in the pit of our stomachs and at the center of our hearts. But to tap into that knowledge, we need to give a choice a fair shot. We actually need to make the choice and sit with that decision.

Sometimes, all we need is a few hours. Other times, we need a few days. Give yourself the time you need to try it on for size. Be open to the body’s wisdom and be prepared to follow its advice. It will never steer you wrong but you must give it time to work its magic.