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Make Something Beautiful – My New Theme for 2013

From Pinterest

In the spirit of my new year’s resolution to fearlessly go after every dream I have, I’ll write every day about this journey. In 2012 I took the leap into a life of my own design. I spent a lot of time entrenched in the critical processes of planning and experimenting. In 2013 I will breathe life into those plans. I’ll roll up my sleeves, get out into the world, and actually build those dreams with my own two tiny hands because at heart I am a Maker.

Poet Mary Oliver poses the question, “What will you do with your one wild and precious life?” In this new year, I mean to answer that question not in words, but in beautiful, thoughtful, passionate actions.

I’m so glad you’re here to share this experience. I hope it inspires you to take up the call to create. In 2013, what will you make?