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Beautiful: What Are You Planting in the Garden of Your Life?

From Pinterest
From Pinterest

Today we’re back to the regularly scheduled programming of inspiring posts that I hope help you go after everything you want in life.

We are down in the depths of winter. It’s cold, the daylight is limited, and we’re all hunkered down inside praying for Spring. Some of us (like yours truly) even have our eyes toward the summer. I think of Spring and Summer as a time of blossoming and then of harvesting. But if we don’t plant seeds now, there will be nothing for us to enjoy when the warm weather rolls around.

Now, during these cold and dark days, is the very best time to plant the seeds that you wish to grow. What dreams do you want to take root? What relationships do you want to build? How do you want your life to unfold? It doesn’t happen magically. A realized dream will not fall out of the sky and into your lap. It happens through hard work and dedication.

You can only reap what you sow. Gather up your seeds, head out there into the cold, and start planting. When those flowering dreams start reaching up toward the sun for all the world to see, you’ll be glad you took this time to bring them to life.