In the pause: Considering a New Year’s cleanse

This past weekend, I was very sick. It came on very suddenly and I was down for the count for 3 full days. I am finally almost back to normal but being that sick really caused me to think about my nutrition and exercise routine. (Lying there under a pile of blankets, I had a lot of time to think!) I realized over the past few months, I haven’t been taking great care of myself. The stress of the job search, getting up-to-speed on a new job, launching my book, and doing my best to take in all that New York City has to offer took its toll. I thought I was doing okay, but when I really stopped to reflect on my choices, I realized I haven’t been as diligent about my health as I usually am. This was a big revelation and though I wish I hadn’t lost three days to being sick, I realize now that it was actually a great thing to force myself to be so mindful of my health.

Yesterday, a friend of mine recommended that I try a cleanse for the new year after the holidays to reset and get my new year off to a solid, healthy start. I’ve never done a cleanse before so I’m looking for recommendations. Have you ever done one? Did you find it to be valuable? If so, which ones would you recommend? Thanks in advance for any advice!

4 thoughts on “In the pause: Considering a New Year’s cleanse”

  1. I am a little late on this…I have not been reading your blog since I stopped writing mine a few years ago but I restarted so I am back on WordPress and so happy to see you are still writing!! I still need to catch up on your blog, but my cleanse recommendation…the Be Well Cleanse. Dr Lipman is awesome. Check it out.. (Hope you are long past this illness!!)


      1. Well…the writing has not been happening much but I was thinking today about how I want to write more and how YOU write every day! Which is amazing and now you have a book! I tend to only write when I have something big to say and then spend a whole day on it 🙂 but I rarely have that much time!! I think bite size consistent chunks is “The Writer’s Way”, right?


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