In the pause: TheNerdyGirlExpress review of my book, Emerson Page and Where the Light Enters

I am so excited to share the review that Katherine at TheNerdyGirlExpress gave to my novel, Emerson Page and Where the Light Enters. I encourage you to hop over to their site and check out all of their wonderful contact. The text of Katherine’s review is below along with links to all of her other online content hubs.

“Christa Avampato creates a world fueled by imagination and wonder in her first novel Emerson Page and Where the Light Enters. This story focuses on title character Emerson, who is a strong and caring thirteen year old with powers beyond even her wildest imagining. After the tragic death of her mother five years before, she has begun to learn that she is not just a book lover, but someone who holds a powerful light that will change everything she has ever known.

Emerson has been coping with her mother’s death, but knows very little about what truly happened. After a terrifying woman enters her favorite book shop she begins to learn that her mother was part of a centuries old order connected to the Muses of ancient times. Emerson’s own connection to this ancient power begins to grow as she finds herself and those she loves being thrust into dangerous situations that all relate back to the terrifying woman, Cassandra. Over the course of the novel Emerson will have to accept her own power and learn how to control it. While she is trying to understand everything around her, Emerson’s inner strength shines through and is what will ultimately decide the fate of all imagination as we know it.

Avampato crafts a story that many young adult readers will enjoy, especially those with vivid imaginations and a love of books. Emerson’s character is tremendously relatable and I wish that someone like her had existed when I was younger. Avampato echoes this same sentiment in her Author’s Note where she says to the young adult reader who has picked up this book that “I wrote this book for you for many reasons. One of the biggest is that we don’t have enough women and girls in the center of young adult literature. So few books feature female protagonists, and there are almost no books in which a female protagonist takes control of her own life and destiny.” Not only is Emerson a strong female character, but Avampato includes strong women who assist Emerson along her journey of discovery. I highly recommend Emerson Page and Where the Light Enters for not only young adult readers, but those who want to indulge their imagination with a positive story full of wonderful characters.

You can find Emerson Page and Where the Light Enters for sale now.

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