In the pause: Help me choose a format for a live show about the secrets of New York City

I need your help. I’m pitching the production of a live show in a venue on the lower east side about the secrets of New York City, the secrets that live below our streets, in plain sight, and over our heads. We’re talking wormholes, hidden places, secret passageways, and strange history. I need to choose a format for an engaging evening as a test show. If it gets accepted and is successful, it could turn into a monthly show.

I’ve listed some format ideas below. Which of these ideas appeals most to you, or do you have an idea for a completely different format for the show?

Thank you so much for your input!

1.) Battle of the Secrets – A set of storytellers and secret aficionados battle it out and the audience votes on who has the best secret of New York City.
2.) New York City’s Secret Liar’s Club – A set of storytellers and secret aficionados tell their favorite New York City secrets. All of them are true and one’s a lie. Or all of them are lies and one is true. The audience votes on which one is not like the others.
3.) Secret NYC Trivia Night – Similar to pub trivia, the audience gets the chance to test their secret New York City knowledge to win a fantastic prize of secrets.
4.) The Secret NYC Gameshow – A Family Feud, Price Is Right, or Jeopardy style gameshow that tests contestants’ knowledge of secret New York City.