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Beautiful: Be Like Water

From Pinterest
From Pinterest

I started a new morning routine on January 1st. Upon waking, I stretch, place my hands in front of my heart, bow my head, say thank you (out loud), and drink a glass of water.

The stretching reminds me that my body is a vehicle for action to create a world I am proud to call home. The focus on my heart reminds me that it is the best guide for my journey, whatever that journey is each day. I bow my head in reverence for the wonders of the world. I say thank you to remind me that every day is a gift and I’m lucky enough to get another one each morning.

That all sounds lovely, right? But drink a glass of water? What’s that about? you may ask.

Yes, it keeps me nourished and hydrated. Yes, it reminds me about the ebb and flow of life. But why make it part of this ritual? Is there anything spiritual about drinking a glass of water?

Water reminds me to keep it simple and to never underestimate the power of simplicity. This humble offering, a glass of water, keeps all of life moving. Without it, we would all perish. Without it, nothing around us would have ever existed. It offers everything and asks for nothing. It is the ultimate creative force.

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