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Leap: How to Decide What to Do

I’ve recently been faced with a few career decisions. I’ve had some opportunities crop up that are tantalizing with a side of “I’m not sure this is really the right choice for me right now.” To be clear, they are really wonderful options – good pay, interesting work, nice people. But in each there is a key ingredient that makes me think I should pass. Either the flexibility in schedule isn’t there or the work doesn’t feel like the best use of my time.

These decisions feel like the textbook definition of “the fork in the road.” It would be easy on some level to take these jobs and I’d be good at them. Here’s the morbid, though quite helpful, question I keep coming back to: what if this is it? Post-Sandy, we’re hearing about people who lost their lives despite following all directions and making good decisions. This grim idea gives me pause. I’m not any different from these people. That could have been me, and perhaps a bit too easily.

These are the tough questions, ones that don’t have any right or wrong answers. Isn’t it now, on the tail end of youth prior to solidly moving into middle age, that I can really take every chance to firmly commit to joy in my work? And isn’t that the choice that could have an expiration date? Down the line, won’t there be some job that I could do that feels a bit less like joy and a bit more like selling out that I could take if I really needed to?

This is the hero’s journey and I am in the midst of the “challenges and temptations” portion of the trip. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where character is formed and tested. Revelation and transformation lie in wait just around the bend. And it is not easy.

4 thoughts on “Leap: How to Decide What to Do”

  1. Dearest Christa – you have no idea how incredibly timely this post is. I’ve been really struggling with staying the course with yoga teacher training. I know the Universe is opening so many doors and giving me so many signs that I need to stay on this path but I am keenly aware of a part of me that wants to retract and play it small. And then right before I opened your blog I heard Spirit speak ‘Why are you struggling? Have fun with this! It doesn’t have to be as hard as you are making it out to be. Your thoughts are coming from your 17 year old self not your almost 59 warrior self.” Walking the hero’s path – yes – I even wrote a blog post about it. My husband remids me that I need to go back and reread what I have written. Sending you and all the residents of your beautiful city metta meditation – from my heart to yours.


    1. So beautiful, Mary. Thank you so much. That beautiful, wise, and joyful Spirit. We need her now more than ever. I will make sure to pay forward all of your meditations to my fellow NYers. xo


  2. I am going back to the first part of post, I know what you mean about is this it? I often feel like that. I keep trying, but nothing ever seems to work for me, do I keep going, or is it time to change. I say we keep going, bad things happen to people all the time, and I don’t mean to say it isn’t important, but you learn from it and then you get on with it. Good post Christa.


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