Leap: The Teachings of Compassion and Courage

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“Without courage, compassion falters. Without compassion, courage has no direction.” ~ Eric Greitens

Compassion requires that we step out of our lives and take the viewpoint of another. We need to remove our filters, our blinders, and try those of another on for size.

That viewpoint has been years in the making. For sure there were times of discomfort and times of joy. There were great disappointments and equal triumphs. Each experience had some impact on the way this person sees the world. Somewhere along the line they went through something that changed them.

This is not easy work. To have great compassion requires great courage. It’s frightening to put away our own convictions, our own truths. With true compassion, we will be asked to question our own beliefs, especially those that form the bedrock of our lives. If we have the courage to pursue compassion, we will find ourselves in the midst of a profoundly considered life.