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Leap: Back to Running

From Pinterest

Maybe it’s the bright, crisp sunshine after days of rain. Maybe it’s the thought of the Chicago marathon from last weekend. Maybe it’s just time. Whatever the reason, yesterday I went back to running.

My yogi friend, Marita, did her final project for our ISHTA yoga training on yoga for runners. As a former competitive runner and someone who’s solely used yoga as exercise for the past few years, I was really intrigued and inspired by her research. After reading her paper, I realized I’m not getting all of the cardio I need for optimum health. For me, the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to get that cardio is by lacing up my running shoes and hitting the park a couple of times per week.

I haven’t been on a good run for over a year. I hunted around in the back of my closet for my running shoes. I sunk my right foot into my shoe and felt a crunch – it wasn’t my foot that crunched but a dead bug. Maybe it’s been longer than a year since my last run? 🙂

I flushed the dead bug, put on my shoes, and headed out to teach my yoga for seniors class. After the deeply relaxing class, I took off for Central Park, the sun in my face and the wind at my back. My pace was steady, my gait smooth, and my breathing even. I could feel my good ol’ heart pumping, my lungs taking in all the fresh oxygen, and my muscles and bones getting a workout they’ve needed for far too long.

30 minutes flew by and I returned home refreshed and focused to have a productive afternoon. Somehow movement helps us to settle in. I guess when we shake things up, it’s easier to find our groove.

I’ve committed to at least 2 runs and 2 yoga classes per week to keep myself in tip top shape as I continue leaping through a life of my own design. Want to join me in this promise? Tell me about your running and yoga adventures. (And thanks to Marita for inspiring me to get going!)