For the love of pizza and fun

It’s almost the weekend so here’s something fun. I was interviewed for the They Had Fun podcast. Hear how my ability to wax poetic about New York City pizza in The New York Times sparked my friendship with the host, Rachel Josar, why my pandemic was a little extra, and the fun I had on The Drew Barrymore Show. It’s been a long 2 years for all of us. Let’s have more fun together!

Listen to the episode here or wherever you get your podcasts.

Drunk People Really Like Gospel Music… with Reverend Vince Anderson They Had Fun

On this week's episode, the musician and star of the documentary, The Reverend, Reverend Vince Anderson tells us about a multi-day, drug-fueled  journey through all of New York City! Check out Reverend Vince Anderson on Instagram and The Reverend Donate to the St. Nick Fridge
  1. Drunk People Really Like Gospel Music… with Reverend Vince Anderson
  2. Updates and Rachel's Recs!
  3. Because We Had Each Other, We Had Everything… with OJ
  4. Professional Baseball Players Take The 7 Train?!… with Jesse Sullivan
  5. Are We Gonna Have A Party… with Rahnon

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