Write every day: A little health news

Just me.

A little news. I went for my 3D mammogram and ultrasound on Monday. My doctors want to do further testing in 3 areas that look a little suspicious. I’m having biopsies on Monday and Tuesday.

To be honest, the news was a shock. I just didn’t expect anything to come of this second set of tests and I broke down in the doctor’s office. Then I was counseled by many very wise friends, family members, and doctors that this next set of tests may very likely prove to be benign.

For now I’m counting my blessings that I have incredible care at NYU Langone and Caremount Medical, health insurance, and many friends who have shared their experiences that are very similar to mine.

A younger me would have bottled up these fears I have. I would have just carried them on my own because I didn’t want to burden anyone else with them. Over the last few years I’ve been trying to be better about asking for help, even if it’s just for good thoughts.

Asking for help is hard for me but if 2020 has taught me anything it’s that we need each other to make it through. And reaching out to people to ask for advice and help really helped me today. Doing what was hard was absolutely worth it.

For the next week, I’m planning to compartmentalize all of this and keep living my life as I would have before this new testing recommendation. I’m sure scary thoughts will creep in here and there. I’m sure I’ll cry. And I’m also sure that I’ll keep going—enjoying each day, taking care of myself, and taking care of others.❤️