Write every day: Get your mammogram (and other routine medical exams)

I went for my first routine mammogram last week. Yes, the exam is a little bit uncomfortable but it saves lives. My mom’s stage 1 breast cancer was found via a routine mammogram. She got treatment and has had clear scans ever since.

Today I found out I need to go for more testing. This is because my tissue is dense so I also need to have an ultrasound and is exactly what happened 9 years ago when I had a baseline mammogram.

1 in 5 breast cancers are not found among people who have dense breasts because they stop at a mammogram without further testing.

I’m grateful that NYU Langone Health recommended further testing so that we get an accurate result. This is one of the many reasons why everyone needs access to good care. Affordable high-quality healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. Friends, take care of yourselves. Get your routine medical exams and tests.