In the pause: Help my discover the secrets hidden underground and overhead in New York City

I’m completely obsessed with the secrets of New York City. It’s haunted in the best possible ways. As I write Emerson Page’s second book, I’m learning that there is so much here she needs to discover. I need to explore these secrets first-hand, and I want you to go with me! Interested? I’m now amassing a list of tours and places that I’ll be poking around in the coming months. Here’s a sampling of what I’m finding:

  • Hidden places, often in plain sight. Wormholes, secret passageways, and underground art installations.
  • The strange and mysterious history hidden in the architecture that rises up dozens of stories high everywhere we go.
  • Secret ways to get up close to priceless treasures that are usually impossible to access.

This city literally breathes. It’s always whispering to us. I’m listening and getting it all down as best I can. I hope you’ll join me in this pursuit.