In the pause: The Girl Who Drank the Moon

51EXJEwFhGL.jpg“The heart is built of starlight
And time. 
A pinprick of longing lost in the dark.
An unbroken chord linking the Infinite to the Infinite.
My heart wishes upon your heart and the wish is granted.
Meanwhile the world spins.
Meanwhile the universe expands.
Meanwhile the mystery of love reveals itself,
again and again, in the mystery of you.
I have gone.
I will return.”

I just finished the book The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill. This book reminded me how many stories are waiting to be discovered and shared, how many characters and secrets remain buried in our own imaginations. The passage above was a particularly poignant one for me because I believe so strongly in the power of the human heart and the love it can contain, because I remind myself everyday that while there are miracles happening all around us, there are also an infinite number of miracles happening with us. And all those miracles are connected.

People go and people return. Love goes and it finds us again in a different form. But a story? A story finds us and stays with us, helping us through trial after trial until we become so free from what used to weigh us down that we can then share that story with someone else. Today, I share this story of Luna, the girl who drank the moon, and the beauty she found in her own magic. It is the perfect read if you need more hope (and during the times we live in now, we could all use a little more hope.)