Wonder: Binge living from Julia Child’s perspective

“Life itself is the proper binge.” ~Julia Child

I’ve written about Julia Child several times on my blog. She found her passion and talent for cooking relatively late in life. She was someone who lived on her own terms, defied stereotypes, broke down barriers, and treasured friendship, love, travel, and good food with good company in equal amounts.

As I’m working on my podcast, Breaking Bread, I’m thinking about her example a lot. I’ll be in my kitchen trying a new recipe or on my couch reading a food-related news piece and often think “how would Julia do this?” or “what would she think of this idea?” The answer I always come up with is that she would follow joy. That’s not necessarily the easy road or the path that will take the least amount of time. She did what made her happy, whether that had to do with food or otherwise. She took a huge amount of pride and joy in being alive, working hard, and doing what she loved.

I think I’m going to hang up a little picture of her somewhere in my kitchen as a reminder that bingeing on the sheer pleasure of being alive is a wonderful way to be.