Wonder: A dream emerges from the NYC subway and into the light

Alice Tan Ridley is a woman on the rise, literally and figuratively. One of the amazing things about New York City that I always miss now that I live in Washington, D.C. is the presence of music everywhere. It’s especially prevalent in the New York subway, and for 30 years, Alice Tan Ridley was one of those subway performers. She’s 63.

Now she’s about to release a new album, appropriately titled “Never Lost My Way”, and this time that release will be done with an event at the Highline Ballroom in Chelsea. It’s always encouraging to see people’s dreams rise up and into the light. It’s my great hope that she is only at the very beginning of a long line of successes. Let her voice, and the story behind her rise, fill the ears of everyone who needs hope, encouragement, and, of course, the healing power of music.

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