Wonder: The fish rots or thrives from the head down

The fish rots, or thrives, from the head down. The trouble with leaving a poor work environment with very poor leadership, which I recently did, is that you have to go through some recovery and detox time.

Yesterday, the red line of the metro was slow and I got to work about 15 minutes later than I would have liked because of the delay. I apologized to my current boss for my delay, and she said, “Don’t ever apologize for that. That is not the realm we work in. Our only goal is to build cool products that help people. That’s our focus.” I was astounded.

I’m still in a bit of a detox mode from my last job. But I’m slowly but surely coming out of it thanks to my new, wonderful job, and a boss who is a 180 degree difference from my last boss. I’m glad to be in a place that is so focused on thriving and supporting its people. Competent leadership makes a world of difference.

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