Wonder: Thoughts on finishing my manuscript for my novel, Where the Light Enters

This weekend I finished the initial manuscript of my novel, Emerson Page – Where the Light Enters.

In this read, I thought I’d hate all of it, scrap it, and start over. But I didn’t. I laughed and I cried in equal amounts. I love Emerson now even more than I did almost two years ago when her name first popped into my mind and she asked me to write down her story. It took us a while to get to know each other. It took a while for me to let horrible things happen to her. I spent so long getting to know her and I wanted to protect her from the moment we met. But I had to let her get hurt. I had to let her fail and fall and struggle because that is the journey she was meant to have And in the process I learned so much, about me, about her, and as much about my world as I learned about hers.

Now I start the query letters and the process of finding a pathway for Emerson to tell her story to others. I’m sure she will grow and change in so many ways during this process, and so will I. And so it begins…