My Latest Piece in Technolawyer: A Former Attorney Finds His Calling as a Therapist

My latest piece for Technolawyer profiles Will Meyerhofer, an exceedingly good-hearted attorney turned therapist. I had a wonderful time interviewing him and it was almost as therapeutic as a session with my own coach, Brian. I think they may be spiritual twins. Check out the piece here.

The most intriguing part of Will’s therapy practice is that he operates on a total sliding scale. His clients tell him what they can pay, and that’s the rate they pay. It takes guts to operate a business model like that, particularly in these economic times. Dubbed “The People’s Therapist”, he’s changing the world, one mind, one life at a time. You can learn more about Will be visiting his website and blog.

Above is a picture of Will that he sent to me while he was on vacation in Vermont.

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Step 230: Bring Your Heart With You

On the heels of yesterday’s post, I’ve been thinking a lot about heart and passion and why we show up when, where, and for whom. For a while, we can get away with putting in just enough effort and time, the minimum requirement. Things will crank along at an ok speed. The work will get done. Most people will think the result is just fine.

The problem is that working listlessly eventually takes a tremendous toll on our psyche and our spirit. It dulls our senses and our intellect. It makes us less of who we are, and that’s the last thing that the world needs, especially right now. What the world needs is all of us at our very best, bringing all of our gifts and talents and attention to bear. There’s no glory in spending our days in a holding pattern.

We need to show up every day, at home, at work, at play, with an open heart and an open mind. We don’t have time to phone it in. Really, life is precious and fleeting and we don’t get to choose how much of it we have. We only control the amount of joy we pack into it. And the world can’t wait for us. If need be, it will drag us kicking and screaming toward our better future.

I would rather just take the world by the hand, and go along smiling toward the bright, happy days ahead where I’m using my heart and my mind in equal measure. The only work we have to do is the world we’re meant to do. Everything else is just a distraction.