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Step 213: My July Accomplishments and August Goals

“When you start to develop your powers of empathy and imagination, the whole world opens up to you.” ~ Susan Sarandon

I definitely felt the world opening up to me in July. Many times, in ways I never expected. It was a month of great learning.

July Goals:
1.) Soak up the sun in Greece and enjoy every second of my teacher training time with Shiva Rea.

This didn’t go according to plan. The retreat was much less than enjoyable than I expected though I learned so much about myself and my yoga. Greece is a beautiful country and I am glad I got to see it, particularly for a day in Athens. The retreat fell below expectations, so much so that I can’t say with honesty that I will continue to study Shiva’s style. Instead, I am branching out and exploring other styles. For more reflections on my retreat, click here.

2.) Meet my little niece, Aubree, and hang with my sis and older niece, Lorelei.

We had a fantastic time together in Florida. I am so glad I got to spend so much time with my nieces. I miss them every day and realized that I need more geographic flexibility in my life to spend time with them. The photo in this post is me and my little cuties at my sister’s house.

3.) Begin actively looking for a weekly yoga class to teach in NYC at an established gym or studio.

I contacted the Downtown Community Center in the Financial District and scored a spot on their sub list. More to come when I have my first class there…

4.) Begin thinking about my next e-book. (I’m taking suggestions!)

I have done quite a bit of work on this front. I am working on a new blog that will lead to an online workbook type of publication to help people use their yoga practice to shape their personal financial plans. For a little sneak preview, check out my recent guest post on Elephant Journal.

5.) Continue prep work for my LIM College class that I will start teaching in the Fall: Viral, Guerilla, and Social Media Marketing.

I got the syllabus in good shape. Not finalized, but heading in a solid direction. I’ve met with the head of the marketing department several times to review a structure and format, and I selected the different weekly topics. I also accepted that I will make up a good deal of this course on the fly. The world of new media changes too quickly to lay it all out months ahead of time. Relevance of the moment makes improvisation as necessity.

6.) Do some marketing of my e-book, Hope in Progress: 27 Entrepreneurs Who Inspired Me During the Great Recession.

This is a goal that I just didn’t get to this month. Moving to August list.

August Goals:
1.) Kick off my viral, guerrilla, and social media marketing class at LIM College

2.) Make a decision on my apartment lease renewal. I’m thinking about a possible move to Brooklyn and doing some research before I notify my current landlord one way or the other.

3.) Make some headway on my out-of-school education project, Innovation Station. I recently made some valuable partner contacts to keep this idea moving as we head into the school year.

4.) Do some marketing of my e-book. (From July’s goals.)

That seems like a good list to round out the summer. I hoped the summer would have more relaxation time, though life doesn’t always toss us what we hope to have. My 2010 so far involved holding on and enjoying the ride as much as I can. I expect the next 5 months to take the same course.