Write every day: I finished my biomimicry graduate program

I bursted into tears yesterday when I turned in my final assignment for my capstone project to complete my biomimicry graduate school program. A year and a half ago I started this journey and I wasn’t sure where it would take me but I knew I was fulfilling a dream I’d had since I was a kid—to bring science into my career in a deep and meaningful way. There was no way I could have known then the spotlight that would be on science now, or how important it would be to finish my program now and get out into the world and use it. So here’s what I’m doing with it, starting today…welcome to the world Beyond Plastic.


Write every day: I was accepted to the 2020 ComSciCon Flagship Workshop

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 7.16.55 PMI’m so excited to share the news that I was accepted into the ComSciCon Flagship workshop, a science communication event for graduate students. 950 graduate students applied this year for 50 slots. This year’s event was supposed to be in Boston but will be held online because of COVID-19. I’m honored to participate at this critical time in our history when science and science communication are having massive impacts on every area of our lives in every corner of the world. I can’t wait to meet and learn with the other attendees and all of the invited experts. To learn more about this event and the organization, please visit



Write every day: A collage to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day

Earth Day 50 collage
“Breathe in the Roses, Blow Out the Candles”

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and embody this time we’re in, I created this paper collage titled “Breathe in the Roses, Blow Out the Candles”. The title is inspired by Danny Burstein’s quote about his respiratory therapist’s advice to him for his lung strengthening exercises. Just as COVID-19 makes it difficult for us to breathe, the pollution we’ve caused on the planet in many different ways makes it difficult for the Earth’s proverbial lungs to breathe.

I create these paper collages by cutting up magazine pages and piecing them back together with meaning and intention. It’s a reminder to me that from the pieces we can build back better. My hope is that we will see this opportunity not to just reopen and go back to our old ways, but to embrace the fact that the health of the planet is intricately linked to the health of all beings who call it home, including us.

Happy Earth Day. Let’s make sure that the next 50 years are far better for our beautiful planet than the first 50 have been. We have the capability to make that so. What we need is the will and commitment to be better global citizens.


Write every day: I’ll be talking about writing today with the Decatur Book Festival and YayFinder

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 7.01.41 AMToday I’ll be live on the Decatur Book Festival’s Instagram with YayFinder at 1:00pm Eastern talking about young adult books, my path as an author, and advice to keep writing during this time. I hope you’ll join me at 1pm! Just go to the Decatur Book Festival’s Instagram and click their profile picture that will say “Live”.


Write every day: Is now the time for higher education?

In economic downturns, many people re-consider whether or not they should pursue higher education. This article explores the layers of hardship now on higher education. Two of my alma maters—University of Pennsylvania and Arizona State University—are both highlighted. The impacts are much deeper and could last much longer than in other industries.

Online learning isn’t even close to a full solution for these times but it did make me wonder if this is the time for people to pivot careers, carve out new opportunities, or pursue an academic passion they’ve delayed. Can this time of reflection, pain, and discomfort be a rebirth? Can universities and current and prospective students transform higher education in new ways? Will costs come down? Will pre-requisites be dropped? Will non-traditional students and non-traditional paths be more welcome? Will new doors be built and opened where there were only walls before?

If I were the head of a university, these are the questions I’d be asking now. Their survival may depend on the answers.

Link to article:


Write every day: My one-year anniversary

Today marks one year since I left my full-time job to pursue an independent career path for the second time. I’ve learned so much, met incredible people, and am immensely proud of the work I’ve done with clients. Here’s to many more years of building my own road! More about my work at Https://


Write every day: Live With Carnegie Hall kicks off today with Tituss Burgess

production_2965_12172_thumb.fahIf you love Tituss Burgess and musical theater, tune into Live with Carnegie Hall today at 3pm EDT. With special guests Frank DiLella, Jason Robert Brown, and Angel Blue, join via Carnegie Hall’s Facebook and Instagram.

Details here:


Write every day: Stargazing

With so many people staying home and businesses closed, the stars are more visible than ever, even in cities like NYC that typically has few stars visible. So go outside tonight, masks on, hand sanitizer in-hand, a safe social distance from others, and just look up. There are joys around us, mixed in with the sadness and heartbreak and fear. They’re worth seeing, too. I’ll be looking up with you.💫



Write every day: I’m a quarterfinalist for the Screencraft Fellowship

It’s odd to feel joy right now. I literally cried when I saw I’m a quarterfinalist for the ScreenCraft Fellowship for my feature film script, Wild and Precious Lives. This is my first feature film script that I’ve written so this sign of encouragement means more than I have words to express. They had ~3,000 entires. About a quarter of those make it to the quarterfinals and go into the next round of reading and judging.

Huge thanks to my friend and writing mentor, John Bucher, for his priceless advice and belief in my work, and particularly for his notes on this script.

Here’s the logline: “When they orchestrate a massive student protests against American isolationism, four friends at an all-women’s college in Virginia face intense punishment from their school’s vindictive administration in the pivotal month of December 1941 before war completely transforms the trajectory of their lives.” 


Write every day: Free online meditations from Headspace

If you’re experiencing anxiety and stress during this time, you’re not alone. Headspace has created a set of free on-demand meditations and at-home mindfulness exercises available to everyone to help us through this difficult time. I’m very grateful to Governor Andrew Cuomo and his staff for recognizing the mental health challenges of this crisis, and for actively seeking out partnerships to provide resources for us. Access these free resources at this link: