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In the pause: A rEVOLution is rooted in love

You can’t have a rEVOLution without love. It’s tucked in there. Hidden. Spelled backward. Split between two syllables. But it’s not to be doubted. A great change requires a lot of love, care, and concern. Without those things, revolutions would never happen. We’d just continue on down the road we’re on, without any thought about where we’re going or why. A revolution is a change of heart, mind, and spirit. We accept and embrace the idea that we can no longer do what we’ve done, that we can’t and don’t want to go back to the way things were. Things must change, so we change. That’s what love can do—it can generate the greatest change possible. It can, and does, change us.

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So insanely honored to be part of the #wwatcreativityloop2 created by my inspiring friend and college roommate @writerswritingalonetogether. Fierce, fabulous, and talented, I can't wait to see what we create together. These pics are the package I received in the mail. Then I used this gorgeous poem as inspiration to create a work of my own to send on to the next person on the list. In these trying times, our imaginations and the ability to express ourselves in creative work keeps hope alive.

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    Check out my uplifting podcast episode featuring Food & Friends, one of my favorite organizations in D.C. Please feel free to spread this good news far and wide! Food & Friends provides one million specialized nutritious meals a year in the greater D.C. area to individuals and families who are undergoing treatment for HIV / AIDS and cancer, and those […]
  • Interview with DC's Capital Area Food Bank May 17, 2017
    The Capital Area Food Bank supports 444 food-based organizations in the D.C. area who in turn help hundreds of thousands of our neighbors every year who face food insecurity on a daily basis. It’s an inspiring story about food as a social justice issue, the fight to end hunger, and our ability to help our city grow stronger and healthier together.
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