In the pause: Beneath the surface

Yesterday I had a conversation with a college friend of mine about our struggles during the years we were in school. That conversation perfectly fits the sentiment behind this lovely piece of art that my amazing friend, Alex, sent to me as a gift. Below the surface of what we show to others, there is so much going on. Hope and dreams, struggles and hardships, that few others know about.

It’s with this idea that I try to approach situations, particularly ones that are difficult to understand. We’re all fighting battles no one knows anything about. Our experiences, thoughts, and beliefs are all filtered through the lens of our past. One idea that Alex has taught me is that we all have blindspots. And the only way to really see clearly is to listen intently to the experiences of others.

As this piece of art so beautifully reminds us, there is much going on beneath the surface of our own hearts. We can get to the root of our own struggles by sitting quietly, pausing life for a few minutes, and listening for whatever arises. It is all connected. We are all connected. Things will shift and change and challenge us in ways we don’t always understand in the moment. Keep the faith. Something bigger than us is at play and our only job is to discover what that is, and to help others discover it, too.

Thank you, Alex, for this thoughtful reminder and gift. I love it!

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