Wonder: My pledge to you

Make no mistake – the American people spoke and elected Hillary Clinton by a full percentage point. The electoral college silenced that choice. This both helps and hurts. It helps me to know that we were the majority. That motivates me even more to keep fighting for a better world for all people. And fight, I will. It’s horrendously painful to know that our system prevented that wish of the majority from being carried out. I don’t need to remind you about the 2000 election and what followed for 8 years after that when the candidate who won the popular vote was defeated by the electoral college. I pray that we won’t the atrocities of those years repeated though I have a sinking feeling that we are in for far worse.

I sobbed when I got home from work yesterday. I was flooded with grief. I am under no illusion that this four years stands to hold some of this country’s darkest hours.

And here is my pledge to you: I will be here, standing up for the rights of all people for all races, religions, ages, orientations, and countries of origin. I will not allow anyone to shame me, mock me, or tell me that I am less-than because of who I am and what I believe in. I am prepared to go to rallies, demonstrations, and protests to fight for the dignity and respect of all people. I am prepared to use my writing, my words, my money, and my time to rise, and rise, and rise, and bring others with me. Though we may feel lonely now, we are not alone. We do have each other, and together, we are strong and capable of defending and protecting one another from any force that seeks to deny us our rights.

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