Wonder: What I see in D.C.

When I walk out my front door, the first thing I see is the Capitol Building. I saw that beautiful, shining building as I went to vote. The first words many people across the country think of when they think of Washington, D.C. are “corruption”, “arrogance”, “ignorance”, and “out-of-touch”. Let me tell you what words come to my mind: “hope”, “opportunity”, growth”, and “change”.

This is the seat of federal government. It’s also the seat of a bustling entrepreneurship center and a vibrant arts community. It’s full of people who care about ideas that shape humanity, service to others, and change they can create through hard work, dedication, and heart. With the election a week away, it’s easy to feel like we’re a nation that can’t come together, that can’t tackle its problems. We’ve been here before and we’ve not only survived, but thrived. Our job now is to make that thriving a greater part of more people’s lives. We are leaving too many people behind – in healthcare, education, and the economy. The good of the many and the good of the one need to be on equal footing.

After traveling to so many countries, I still choose this one. I still believe that this is the best place to build dreams into reality. I’m still committed to doing the very best I can right where I am in D.C. Let’s work hard and work together to make this place a better place for all people.