Wonder: You already have the special ingredient

Shine on

“There is no special ingredient. It’s special if you believe it’s special.” ~Mr. Ping, Kung Fu Panda

I was flipping through the channels on a snowy President’s Day and came upon the scene in Kung Fu Panda when Po feels so defeated and let down. He’s just realized that his nemesis is stronger than he ever imagined and believes he lacks that something special that would transform him into the Dragon Warrior. Then he learns from his father, Mr. Ping

So often we’re searching for a silver bullet – this one magical element that’s going to make our lives, projects, relationships, careers, and jobs better. We think everyone else has it and we don’t. The truth is that what we’re doing is special if it’s special to us. That’s all that’s required, and that magic comes shining through to others when we’re doing what we’re meant to do. Shine on.