This just in: What to do after you lead the horse to water

A horse at waterYou can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. What you can do is let it stand there and see its reflection. The person you are trying to help has to want to be helped, has to meet you halfway. And some people can’t, or won’t, accept your help. You can’t change that.

Yesterday wasn’t a great day in my world, but something great came from it. It gave me an opportunity to express certain things that have been on my mind. I said them respectfully and firmly. Most of my concerns fell on deaf ears, and that’s okay. I said them. I can sleep at night, and now I can move on knowing that I did what I could do to keep a ship from sinking.

As sad as I am about the situation, I trust the timing of my life. I imagine that a few months from now I’ll look back on today from a different vantage point and realize that this is what had to happened. I let my disappointment go, and turned my energy toward finding what’s next. I trust that I’ll find exactly what I need to find.