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Beautiful: There is No Great Rush to Change so Take Your Time

In yoga, we hold postures for a very specific reason – when we ask our bodies to assume a posture, our muscles have an initial reaction. As we hold the posture, it develops. Our muscles give a bit more ground. Our minds settle down. We give ourselves time to adjust, and with that time we find that we can go further. In waiting and holding, we have time to reflect. Reflection helps us find our edge and our potential.

There is certainly a time for action, for embracing change even when it seems like it’s coming at us fast and furious. But there is also a lot of value in giving ourselves time to adjust. Just because change has arrived does not mean that we have to take all of it at once. In truth, we don’t have to take any of it. The only thing we have to do is consider it and let the answer rise up organically. In other words, we hold and wait for more information.

Often holding and waiting is equated with stagnation, and sometimes that association is valid. But it’s not the only association that can be made. Even in the midst of swirling, whirling change, it’s okay to slow down. It’s okay to take it easy and give ourselves time to decide which parts of the change we really want. Change is not an all or nothing game. It’s a menu. We choose which parts of that menu work best for us.

Rarely is change precipitated by some magical force from beyond that forces us down one path or the other. Most of the time, our lives change through our own deliberate actions. Yes, there will be things that happen that are beyond our control. But we always govern our actions in response to what happens in the world around us. We build our own road, and we’d be wise to put some speed bumps in there. Take all the time you need.