A Year of Yes: Scene from New York City’s March for Our Lives

28828610_10104256776831916_4621455774924061512_oThis young woman, mixed with a very small group of counter-protesters in the shadow of some of the greatest museums in New York City, was just asking to be free to express herself through art rather than being worried about guns. A simple ask that we must answer with an emphatic “Yes”. Take a look at the future. It’s so bright and I couldn’t be more hopeful. More photos below.


In the pause: What men can do in the wake of #MeToo

The outpouring of honesty and support in the wake of #MeToo stories is the only light I can see in this darkness. With every post, I am growing even more resolved to help women and girls discover and use their voices to speak their truths. I have also been very grateful for the men in my life who have come forward to say, “I hear you. I see you. I believe you. What can I do to help?” Here are my answers:

  • Be a role model for young men and boys. Whether you’re a father, uncle, teacher, family friend, or mentor, you have an opportunity to teach young men and boys how to be upstanding people. Use that opportunity wisely.
  • When you see poor behavior from other men, speak out against it right then and there in the moment. On the street, at work, at bars and restaurants, on the subway. Yes, the problem is that rampant and pervasive. It’s everywhere.
  • Listen and talk to the women and girls in your lives about their experiences. Be their allies and advocates. They will appreciate your support.
  • Help to raise our girls and boys to have a zero tolerance policy for violence of any kind—physical, emotional, and verbal.
  • And if you don’t know what to do or say, ask us. Together, we can break this cycle so women and girls no longer have to live with the scars of sexual harassment and assault.



Wonder: Settle and root

I’ve been laying low in the evenings this week and over this weekend. After so much activity with traveling, packing, and moving, I need to take some time on my own to settle and root. In yoga, our safety, security, and feeling of home base lies in our lower chakras. They are our foundation, the seat of our intuition, and they house our sense of well-being. We need them to be strong to build upon them.

Finally I am starting to feel that sense home and security. My art is slowly filling my walls, papers are being organized and put away. Even Phin, very slowly and somewhat surely, is beginning to settle into this new space and routine. (Well, at least he’s sleeping more than 3 hours a night!)

Transitions can be tough, no matter how wonderful they are. So if like me you’re going through a lot of change right now and making plans for new beginnings, give yourself a break. You aren’t going to get everything right. I certainly don’t. You’re not perfect. I’m far from it. Let yourself have the space and time to adjust. Take it a step, a moment, a day at a time. You can’t rush roots.