I’m baaaaaack…

Oh, hi! I know I said I would be retiring this blog in pursuit of other projects. And I did just that. Since January 2021, I:

  • Beat early-stage breast cancer and learned that my health is my number one priority
  • Started recording episodes for the JoyProject podcast
  • Sold my Emerson Page young adult novel trilogy to a publisher
  • Applied to and was accepted into the graduate program in Sustainability Leadership at University of Cambridge
  • Worked closely with Carnegie Hall to help launch Carnegie Hall+, a new streaming service for classical music, dance, and music-based films

Now I’m coming out of retirementThe world is in a strange and difficult place, from where I sit and around the globe. The war in Ukraine. The continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Continued and accelerating climate change. My long-term medical treatment to make sure I maintain the health I fought so hard to restore.

I’m still grieving what’s been lost since 2019. Trying to find joy each and every day. Looking forward with hope for the future. We contain multitudes, and we hold bundles of disparate emotions all at once.

What’s remained constant for me:

  • daily writing
  • living in New York and my deep love for this city
  • my sweet dog, Phineas
  • my fierce loyalty to my friends

And so I return to this blog now with a focus on writing—the craft, the joy it brings, the relief it provides, and the connections it makes across time and geographies. I’m here to share my writing life with you, to support writers, and to give a peek behind-the-scenes into my creative life.

I’m glad you’re here. I’m grateful I’m here. Take my hand. Let’s see what we can find, together. Ask me anything. Let’s go.

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