Write every day: A day in Sleepy Hollow

Phineas & I spent the day up in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown. Just a short #1 subway line / metro-north combo train ride away from our neighborhood, we got to take in some of the history, lore, and outdoor art, and also enjoyed some beautiful views along the Hudson River.

After getting out of the train at Philipse Manor, we started at The Old Dutch Burying Ground of Sleepy Hollow where Washington Irving is buried. From there we walked along Broadway over the recreation of the Headless Horseman Bridge, past Philipsburg Manor, and through the town. Not much was open at the moment (due to COVID) but it was a good long walk which is what we needed! I’d love to go back in the Fall when it’s dressed up for Halloween and people are back from vacation. I also hope the historic sites will be open by then for tours (though I’d have to leave Phineas at home for those!)

Then we made our way to the Riverwalk in Tarrytown. This had gorgeous views of the Hudson, the newly dedicated Mario Cuomo Bridge, little places to eat on the water, and lots of gardens. Eventually, this will be part of a continuous 51-mile walking path along the river from Tarrytown north. In hindsight, I wish we had gotten out of the train there and done the Riverwalk first before working our way to the cemetery, mostly because that would have made the journey downhill instead of up! We’ll know for next time.

Washington Irving’s family plot
Phin looking out the train window
Sleepy Hollow cemetery
Sleepy Hollow cemetery
Philipsburg Manor
Tarrytown River Walk
View from the train
Old Dutch Reform Church
Mario Cuomo Bridge
Riverwalk garden

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