Write every day—John Lewis: Good Trouble

imageI watched the documentary, John Lewis: Good Trouble, and then immediately watched it again. In times of violent hopelessness, he refused to give up on America because he believed in his power to make a difference, to create change through love by standing up and speaking out “as long as I have breath in my body”. He gave up all fear, and so he always lived free.

Now is the time for this film. There’s a lot of understandable hopelessness in our country today. Embracing the teachings of John Lewis, I’ve chosen to not fall into despair, to not think that this is the end of America but the end of an old America and the beginning of a new and better one. Birth hurts. Growth is painful. We cannot become who we want to be by hanging on to who we were. John Lewis’s life embodied that principle. He showed us that if we want better, then we have to be better. He was fully and forever committed to being better, and with his example, so am I.