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Write every day: Wake up with books

“When you put a book in a child’s hands…you are an awakener.” ~Paula Fox

Books bring us into communion with authors, the characters they create and follow, and other readers. The greatest thing we can do to teach our children, the guardians of our future, about the world and their place in it is to wake them up to the joy of being a voracious reader. As an author, it’s a role I take very seriously. I want the words I write to be sparks that ignite a reader’s curiosity. It’s a privilege to write young adult literature, and it carries an enormous responsibility. My job is to wake up readers to their potential, to encourage them to rise up and build the world they wish to live in. And intend to do everything I can to empower them and help them do just that.

Write every day: Prohibition and organized crime

Screen Shot 2020-02-02 at 7.05.39 PMTake a ride through the underworld with me! I wrote a piece about Prohibition & organized crime in New York City for Inside History magazine’s latest issue called Crime and the Underworld. The piece is titled If Organized Crime Could Make It In New York…It Could Make It Anywhere! If you’d like to read just my article, click here.

The entire magazine is filled with juicy true crime stories throughout history so if you’d like to get a copy, here are the order links:

UK delivery (print)
Worldwide delivery (print)
Digital PDF download

Write every day: Genius vs. talent

“Genius gives birth. Talent delivers.” ~Jack Kerouac

There’s a lot of talk about genius out there in the world, especially among writers. Very often we have the idea that the most gifted writers just rattle off lines like silk off a spool. There might be people out there like that. I don’t know any. I’ve never heard of a writer saying that this is what their writing life is like. It’s hard work. They all sit there day after day, butts in their chairs, and hammer it out a little at a time. And then they go back to refine again and again through many rounds of edits, often over years of time. That dedication to craft the very best of our imaginations and put it out into the world is real talent. It’s not easy. It’s difficult work, and it’s worth it. Keep writing.

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