Joy today: How to write a book per year

How can I write a book per year for the next 10 years? I tossed this idea around in my mind this morning as I thought about tremendously prolific writers I admire.

Here’s the math: write 250 words per day for 360 days. That’s a book. 250 words a day? I could write that while my coffee’s brewing. That’s only half a page. That’s almost the length of this post.

Yes, that’s just a first draft. It needs LOADS of editing and rewriting. Yes, if you’re a planner and outliner like me, that takes time, too. Yes, there’s research. And yes, marketing is also time-consuming and extremely necessary. And you have to also pitch your own work if, like me, you don’t yet have an agent.

But in my mind this breaking down of this enormous task moves it from possible to probable. I could write a book every year. And that to me is exciting.

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